Our Ethical Values

Our ethical values guide the way in which we network with our clients and each other. They are the our standard to which we are accountable in all circumstances.


We believe in the highest level of Integrity which includes Honesty, Truthfulness, Honor, Veracity, Reliability and Uprightness. So, our integrity will upright our clients’ satisfaction. 


Our accountability is the combination of our Answerability, Responsibility, Liability and Culpability which have already led us a famous consultancy firm in Bangladesh. We meet our commitments with our accountability.


Our innovation lies into our Novelty, Invention, Revolution, Origination, Modernization, Improvement and Advancement.  We always believe in positive changes to advance our clients’ services.


We define our Excellence with our Fineness, Brilliance, Superiority, Distinction, Quality and Merit services planning.


We believe in win-win situation with both party’s’ Cooperation, Collaboration, Coordination, Communication, Solidarity, Fellowship and Joint Effort which will make our dreamed TEAMWORK Environment.

Our Code of Ethics


  • We are committed to serve our clients with our ethical values; Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, Excellence and Teamwork.
  • We enthusiastically believe in keeping our respected clients’ information and records confidential.  


  • We always believe in disclosing our Professional Fees with Govt. Fees independently.
  • On the basis of our providing services and the responsibility we accept, we determine our professional charge.
  • We also believe in taking reasonable, legitimate and proportionate professional fees.


  • We must maintain & respect the intellectual property rights of our clients, other consulting firms, and sole practitioners.
  • Without permission we don’t use proprietary information or methodologies.
  • We don’t believe in advertising our services in a deceptive manner.
  • We will report violations of this Code of Ethics.